A Conversation with Lexa Doig


Lexa a Michael občas pracují na stejných projektech. Podle Lexy to ale nikdy nepůsobilo žádné problémy při výchově potomstva. Je jen důležité si synchronizovat pracovní rozvrh...

Lexa v tomto interview také přizná (to co my už dávno víme), že nevaří moc často, i když ji prý vaření baví (srovnejte s odpovědí na otázku "kdo doma vaří?" položenou v jiném interview: "Michael and Grace our nanny do most of the cooking… I don’t like to cook — I’m pretty good when I do, I make a mean adobo…"). Na soutěž ve vaření by si ale netroufla...

Často se objevuje, že Lexa ráda hraje RPG hry jako Dungeons and Dragons. Jak ona ale sama říká, to už je spíš minulost i když D&D skutečně hrávala...


Zdroj: Daily Dragon Online
Autor: Desiree Jackson

Lexa Doig is no stranger to science fiction fans, first appearing in William Shatner’s Tek War as Cowgirl. She has appeared in such shows as Andromeda, The 4400, Stargate SG-1, and most recently, she can be seen in V.

Daily Dragon: So what have you been up to?

Lexa Doig: Uh conning, signing…

DD: Other than keeping [husband Michael Shanks] in line? (laughs)

LD: (laughs) I never get to do that. People think I do.

DD: What was it like working with Michael first on Andromeda, where you were the series regular, and then on Stargate SG-1, where he was the series regular? What was the power dynamic?

LD: There wasn’t one, actually. The upside is, when you’re an actor, if there’s a power dynamic, you’ve stopped being an actor, because the craft of acting is such an ensemble type thing that you really need to [...] trust the people you’re working with [because] you’re all part of the same tribe. You’re all sort of equals, regardless of who’s the series regular and who isn’t.

DD: How do you manage being married and working together, when you and Michael have worked together on projects? Does it ever cause problems?

LD: It’s never caused problems. It’s actually, for us, and I realize that this is probably difficult for some [acting] couples but, for us, it’s way easier. It’s become much easier because we both know where the other one is going to be. (laughs) I know what his schedule is, he knows what mine is. You know, arranging childcare becomes relatively simple.

DD: What’s more challenging, being an actress or being a mom?

LD: Oh, being a mom!

DD: On a similar note, if I’m not mistaken, you like to cook, correct?

LD: I do. I don’t do it very often, but I do like to.

DD: If you had the chance, would you ever participate in a cooking challenge show like Top Chef or Iron Chef America?

LD: Oh, hell no. (laughter)

DD: Not against a big-name chef but just against another actor or actress?

LD: No. I’m not that good a cook. Listen, I like to cook but I’m okay at it.

DD: Do you watch shows like Top Chef or Iron Chef America?

LD: Yeah, periodically. I’m really into the cake shows [like] Cake Boss and Ace of Cakes.

DD: I know you’re a gamer and play games like Dungeons and Dragons.

LD: Yes, I used to but don’t much anymore.

DD: Were there ever any other D&D type games that you played?

LD: I don’t think so, but it was so long ago. It was just D&D. I can’t remember what my alignment was though. I was always something like chaotic good or something like that.

DD: So when the kids grow up and start gaming or turn into gamers, you can be a cool gamer mom.

LD: [In a child’s voice] No you didn’t, Mommy! Michael still has all of the books and [...] we’re trying to do spring cleaning and throw stuff out. We came across his books and his dice and [I went to get rid of it] he was like, “NO!” He said it was his Monster Manual and that we can’t get rid of it. It’s like 25 years old, and I’m pretty sure they’ve come up with a newer version of the Monster Manual if you want to get it, but he’s like, “No, this is mine. We’re not getting rid of it.” (laughs)