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Článek o Lexině roli v Stargate-SG1. Lexa se zmiňuje o tom co má na práci herečky nejraději. Je to stále měnící se prostředí a to, že se jedná o kreativní činnost. Na Stargate se ji líbí hlavně umístění děje do součastnosti. Na otázku co pro ni znamenají různá ocenění odpovídá, že jsou sice pěkná, ale subjektivní. Jediné měřítko které příjme je její vlastní a ona, podle vlastních slov, není nikdy naprosto spokojena se svou prací. Za zlomové projekty své kariéry považuje osobně Profesionály a profesionálně Andromedu. Přidá i radu pro začínající herce. A to je "studujte"... Lexa sama lituje, že neprošla nějakou odbornou školou. Nakonec se dozvíme i jméno Lexina aktuálně nejoblíbenějšího kresleného seriálu - Family Guy.


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SG-P Interview with actress Lexa Doig (Dr. Carolyn Lam on Stargate SG-1's 9th Season) where she talks about working on the set of Stargate and what its like to workwith her husband.

Stargate-Project: Easiest question to start off: How are you doing?

Lexa Doig: I am fine. Thank you. SG-P: We have heard that you like cartoons a lot. Which one is your favourite cartoon right now - and why this one?

LD: "Family Guy" the absurdist and politically incorrect humour

SG-P: What other stuff are you doing in your free-time?

LD: Right now. simple motherhood stuff.

SG-P: What do you enjoy most about being an actress?

LD: The glamour, the prestige, the riches (laughs) - I'm kidding.Seriously though it's a challenge, it's always a new environment - even when you've been on a show for a long time- and it's creative.

SG-P: If you had the choice, would you become an actress again?

LD: I can't imagine doing anything else.

SG-P: What is your best or funniest moment you can remember?

LD: Too many to list, too many are not printable!

SG-P: You probably get a lot of fan mail. Can you remember the craziest or weirdest thing you received?

LD: I get mostly just nice fan mail. Lisa Ryder got some great ones though.

SG-P: Let's talk about Stargate: How did you get your job at SG-1? Did Michael help you with that?

LD: My agent called, told me I had an audition for SG-1, I went, auditioned, got the job, went to work. Pretty standard stuff really. as for Michael helping me. he helped work on my audition. We help each other all the time with auditions. But that's pretty much it. As for whether or not I was Michael's wife was a factor in me being cast on the show. you'd have to ask the producers, as it was ultimately their decision.

SG-P: How was your first day on Stargate SG-1 set?

LD: I wasn't really expecting anything. I was really excited to work with Beau Bridges. I respect his work and think he's an enormously talented actor.

SG-P: Do you know Stargate SG-1 or the movie respectively?

LD: Yes, both.

SG-P: So, what do you like about the series?

LD: I like that it has a contemporary setting. It's much easier to identify with characters that are saying what you'd be saying if you met an alien!

SG-P: Can you tell us something about your role? What is the name of the character you are playing (Dr. Landry?) and how will she be like?

LD: My character's name is Dr. Carolyn Lam. She's a civilian doctor in the SGC. Other than that, I have to play her for a while, as well as see what the writer's have in store before I can really tell you much - I don't know her yet.

SG-P: Do you think there might be he chance to see a romance between your character and Daniel Jackson?

LD: Egads. ask the writers. I hope not. I see enough of that man at home! (smiles)

SG-P: You have already worked twice with Michael on Andromeda. How is it to work with him and do you think things have changed, now that you are married?

LD: Working with Michael is wonderful. There's a sense of trust that already exists between us that actors who don't know each other have to work to acquire. Michael also has a infallible ability to spot crap acting when he sees it, so I can't get away with faking it! He's also the kind of actor who is most interested in telling a good story, an intelligent story. That's the kind of actor everyone wants to work with because he's a team player. no ego or self indulgence. it's great.

SG-P: Is Science-Fiction your favourite genre, or why do we see you so often in Sci-Fi Shows? (laughs)

LD: I wouldn't say it's my favourite genre. I don't know that I have a favourite - I just like engaging stories. As for why you see me so often in Sci-Fi shows. I live in Canada - that's a lot of what's shot here!

SG-P: You've been playing a robot on Andromeda, who shows very few emotions. Is it hard to act like that?

LD: It was and wasn't. I didn't really see Andromeda as having few emotions, just one's that were partitioned into Rommie. Besides, she was written to have a lot of expositional dialogue and that kind of stuff is pretty emotionless regardless of who's saying it.

SG-P: Andromeda is off the air after five seasons. Do you have any other projects next to Stargate SG-1?

LD: The care and feeding of a small human. it's a pretty big project (smiles).

SG-P: You have been nominated for an award before, but unfortunately did not get it. How much do awards mean to you? Do you think they are important?

LD: Really? I was? Which one?! Obviously they don't mean much if you don't kown about them?! (big laugh) I hope you know I'm just joking around.. Awards are nice, but they're like opinions - subjective. The only gage I can accept is my own, and I'm never satisfied with the work I do.

SG-P: Being in business for over ten years now, which project do you consider as your personal breakthrough? Your work at TekWar, or Andromeda, or Jason X?

LD: Personally, it was an English TV show called "The Professionals". Professionally it was "Andromeda".

SG-P: What is your advice to young people, who would like to start acting, looking back on your own career?

LD: Study yer butt off! I didn't and believe me, I've had a lot of "on the job training", but I wish I went to theatre school.

SG-P: Are you planning to visit any conventions soon? Maybe even in Europe / Germany?

LD: I'm sorry to say I'm not planning on doing any conventions. My husband goes to quite a few, and if I did too that would leave no one to look after our small human. (smiles) But maybe when she's older.

SG-P: Lexa, thanks again for this wonderful opportunity! We wish you and your family all the best and of course we wish you a wonderful time at Stargate SG-1!

LD: Thanks again for the questions. I hope you understand the answers. [and for the readers:] my sense of humour doesn't always translate well when written (laughs). I'm pretty sure I'll have a great time with the Stargate folks. They've been so generous and welcoming so far, and they're quite the family over there. it's a really terrific environment to work in.